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How to Apply for a Business Cash Advance

Apply online – in just 10 minutes.
The application process is easy, safe and 100% online. It does not impact your credit score, and there’s no fee or obligation.

Get a lump sum offer – Usually within 24 hours underwriters review your application and prepare the best offer we can provide.

Get funded
If you are happy with the deal, your loan can be funded within 24 hours.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is a type of business funding mainly designed for businesses with an immediate need for capital to complete an upstanding deal. Many small business owners often use it as an alternative to traditional banks because it requires no collateral, and the whole process is online. Merchant Cash Advance loan is a more innovative, friendlier, and accessible financial instrument than a traditional business loan. But, this comfort usually comes with higher fees and interest rates. Your business needs stable revenues for over six months to apply to our Merchant funding. Our financing is also great for companies with seasonal or credit card sales.

Easy And Fast Qualification!

There are many reasons why a Merchant Cash Advance company can be more effective for your company than just a traditional loan from your bank.


Diverse funding

Up to $500k

Flexible repayments

Online monitoring

Credit Score

Online monitoring


Same day funding

Will My Business Be Approved for a Merchant Cash Advance?

Does your business process sales via debit/credit cards?If you plan to accept credit card payments for your business, we can help you get approved for free payment processing.

Has your business been operating for at least six months?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are 90% likely to be approved for a merchant cash advance. All we’ll need to review are your past 4-6 months of bank statements or receivables. We’ll also take into consideration:

  • The industry you operate in and its risk level

  • If your sales are affected by seasonality

  • How much of your business transactions take place with credit cards processing

Ready to fix your cash flow problems?

We look at your future, not your past credit score

Merchant Cash Advance understands that in business, timing is essential. As a business owner may lose a sale or your business waiting for traditional banks to fund your businesses funding needs. Unlike many lending companies out there, Merchant Cash Advance funds your business with its own money. With Merchant Cash Advance you can qualify for up to $500,000 in small business financing in less than 12 hours.

Business Advance


Which small businesses can merchant cash advances help?

Most merchant cash advance companies can help almost any business in any industry as long as they have daily credit card sales or monthly credit card sales. A merchant cash advance mca, can be beneficial to restaurants, dry cleaners, dental practices, doctors, pharmacies, hotels, real estate companies and many others. At All Year Funding, we work closely with small businesses to pick the best financing plan to help small business owners achieve their goals.

Are there any restrictions to how your small business funding is used?

Our job is to provide you with the small business financing you need. Each business owner, knows the best how they want to grow their business. At mCashAdvance™, we don’t limit how owners use their merchant cash advances. Our staff may offer business coaching but the ultimate choice is yours.

What happens if you default on a merchant cash advance?

Defaulting on a merchant cash advance mca should always be avoided if possible. Some merchant cash advance providers are likely to pursue your personal or business assets to get back their money. Although, generally most MCA providers will not report payment history to appropriate business credit bureaus, they may report a default which will make it more difficult to get business financing in the future and will harm your business credit profile.

How do I know what’s best for my business?

Many companies compare merchant cash advances to fast business loans. At the end of the day business owners should consider any line of credit based on the value it brings to the business in a given situation. Instant loans for business as well as merchant cash advances can be funded on the same day if all data is provided to the underwriters.

How Does A Business Cash Advance Work?

Applying for a business cash advance is easy, straightforward, and 100% online. Our ‘zero commitment policy’ means that even after you are approved, you don’t need to complete the process if you don’t want to.

Once your cash advance request is approved, we’ll transfer the entire amount into your business bank account. There are two main ways you can pay back a business cash advance:

Using ACH payments – We wait for your credit card sales to deposit into your bank account, then debit the agreed % of sales by automatic debit transfer.

Using your card processing company – We’ll ask your business to use one of our preferred credit card processing machines. At the end of every day, a small percentage of your daily transactions are automatically debited until your advance is paid off.

With Merchant Cash Advance, every business is paired with a dedicated account manager to help them through the process from start to finish. We also provide your business with a secure online portal where you can track your account status from the application stage until the advance is paid off.

What are the Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance?

Your success is our success!

We debit merchant cash advance payments as a percentage of your future sales, which means that we only get paid once you get paid. You’ll never have to pay more than you can afford if, for example, sales are slower one month.

Approved today, cash tomorrow!
MCA is a direct funder, so we can cut straight to the point. If you need a lump sum of money fast to snap up a good business opportunity, you can count on us to have the money in your bank account within 24 hours of approval!

We see potential, not credit scores!
At MCA, we base our decision on your business performance, not your business credit history. As long as you process your sales through card transactions and sales are consistent, you have a 90% chance of approval.

What is the Difference Between a (MCA) Loan and a Traditional Loan?

Fast funding – Time is money, and you have none to waste
Conventional loans require extensive credit and affordability checks and lots of paperwork. Even once you’ve completed the application process, there is a long review period and approval rates are low. However, with merchant loans from Merchant Cash Advance all you need to do is fill out a quick online application form. Since we’re a direct funder, we can advance you the cash within 24 hours of approval.

Affordable repayments – We get paid when you get paid
The most significant advantage that merchant cash advances has over traditional bank loans is that the repayments fluctuate according to your income. This means that your repayments are always in proportion to your cash flow. Meanwhile, traditional bank loan repayments are fixed and rigid. If business is slow for one month, you’ll still need to repay the same amount, regardless of whether your income is lower.

Bad credit compatible – We don’t judge you by your credit score
Unlike banks and conventional lenders, we don’t care about your credit score; we care about how your business is performing. Even if your company has had trouble repaying credit in the past, you still have a very high chance of approval as long as you have a steady flow of card sales.

Easy early repayment – Settle when you want with no penalty
Another benefit of a merchant cash advance loans vs. a small business loan is that you’re free to settle your obligation whenever you want with no charges or fines.It’s important to mention that merchant cash advances are not cheaper than other small business loans. Still, if you need fast funds, it can be a safe and affordable option for your business.

Merchant Cash Advance Calculator
A merchant cash advance calculator can help you calculate the cost of your merchant cash advance. Often it can be difficult to understand the fees and repayments when applying for merchant cash advances. However, calculating your repayments with the use of a calculator can make your life much easier.

How to calculate merchant cash advance factor fees
Let’s say Pete gets a $30,000 cash advance at a 1.20 factor rate. Pete wants to work out how much he will pay back to the merchant cash advance provider. All he needs to do is multiply the cash advance by the factor rate. So, in Pete’s example the calculation is $30,000 X 1.20 = $36,000. Pete would need to pay back $36,000 to the merchant cash advance provider. That means the merchant cash advance has cost Pete $6,000.

What is the difference between MCA and blursoft?

Merchant Cash Advance is a direct funder. If your business is eligible, we will provide the cash advance directly. Blursoft is not a funder; It is a platform designed only for a matching service. Also, Merchant Cash Advance delivers over 20 different types of financing.

Does Merchant Cash Advance provide PPP loans like Lendio?

Merchant Cash Advance specializes in online merchant cash advances for businesses in America. Unlike Lendio, we are a direct funder. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is an SBA-backed loan designed to help enterprises keep their workforce during a crisis. PPP loans are no longer available.

Sectors Benefited By Merchant Cash Advance Funding

We invested over $45,000,000 to help American businesses overcome cashflow challenges, grow, and thrive. Here at Merchant Cash Advance, we look at your business’s future potential as partners. We can help businesses in almost any sector! Some examples are below:

Commercial Truck Financing

$7 million recently funded

Restaurant Funding

$3 million recently funded

Dental Practice Funding

$2 million recently funded

Ecommerce Funding

$4 million recently funded

Auto Repair Shop Funding

$2.5 million recently funded

Farm Equipment Funding

$8 million recently funded

Business Advance


Access Merchant Cash Advance private funds to help you overcome cash flow difficulties or to fund the next phase of your business growth. Thousands of businesses have become successful with the help of our funds. Check our funding alternatives.

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PPP Loan Alternatives

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PPP loans

Apply Online Now. It only takes about 5 minutes!

How Do I Apply For An Merchant Cash Advance?

Fill out the form – 5 mins

Get a pre-approval decision – 2 mins

Upload 3 business documents – 5 mins

Get approved & funded – up to 24 hours


  • Pre-approval within 4 hours

  • Same day funding

  • No paperwork hassle


  • Bank-grade encryption

  • 100% US based company

  • Highest data privacy


  • From $5000 to $500,000

  • No collateral

  • No usage restriction

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